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Free Design Toscano Catalog

Build a beautiful home with unique pieces from the Design Toscano product catalog. With selections ranging from accent pieces, exquisite statuary, and themed wall décor to handcrafted furniture that you won’t find anywhere else, the Design Toscano catalog is your prime stop for home decorations that make a stunning statement.

Place the perfect finish on your manicured lawn or well-kept garden with the Design Toscano catalog’s extensive line of garden statues. You’ll be able to choose from various themes—Egyptian to Medieval to Asian and more—so you never have to worry about finding a piece that will complement your landscaping concept. Whether you need a majestic horse sculpture or ethereal bronze mermaids to top your central fountain, Design Toscano has choices for you. And if you need a reliable source for that fountain, too, you’ll find hand-cast pieces and state-of-the-art pump kits here as well.

The Design Toscano catalog isn’t only about the elegance of classic designs, though. You’ll find pieces that exude coolness and chic, too, whether that’s a sleek cast-iron art deco panthers for your entryway or an artfully burnished deep-sea diver’s helmet replica for your library shelf. Design Toscano’s indoor and outdoor statuary are available in a range of materials, from bronzes, iron, pewter, and other metals, to smooth bonded marble, fine natural granite, and sturdy, designer-quality resin.

Take that same luxurious touch to your shelves, mantelpieces, and tabletops with gorgeous and functional accent pieces from the Design Toscano product catalog, too. You can pick up clocks in a variety of styles—art nouveau, intriguing complex cogs and gears, and more—alongside stylish bathroom accessories, holiday ornaments, lighting fixtures, and address markers. You’ll even find elaborate chess sets themed for everything from the Civil War to legendary Celtic clashes, perfect not just as game sets but as décor and conversation pieces, too.

Pair everything with handcrafted pieces from the Design Toscano catalog’s collection of artful furniture collection to complete your home design concept. Spring for a sumptuously detailed carved-lion side table, or impress your guests with glasses of wine served from a sixteenth-century globe replica that doubles as a wine bar. You’ll find benches, sofas, desks and consoles, and even shelves and tables of all kinds, perfect for any room you care to put them in. And if the room itself needs some finishing, you can count on the Design Toscano catalog for a selection of pillars, columns, plinths, and more to give it just the right look.

Homeowners looking to save on space can also check out the Design Toscano catalog’s vast array of wall art and décor. You’ll find wall sculptures and friezes, swords, and armor perfect for mounting, tapestries and other stylish wall hangings, and even sconces and mirrors for that dramatic touch. Whether you’re going for old-world impressive; plush, cozy, and homey; or anything in between, Design Toscano has the pieces for you.

You can request a free catalog if you want to peruse Design Toscano’s offerings more closely. All orders are fulfilled within 2-4 weeks, though rush options for 2-3 day or overnight deliveries are also available. What are you waiting for? Wow, your guests and live in luxury — check out the Design Toscano product catalog today.