Free Kansas City Steak Catalog

Free Kansas City Steak Catalog

Feast like royalty with Kansas City Steak Company’s catalog brimming with high-quality ingredients for your next meal. Choose from an extensive selection of premium steak cuts and types, plus other selections of beef, various meats, and seafood. Whether you’re holding a casual cookout or throwing a fancy private dinner, impress your guests with the most sumptuous ingredients America can offer, only through Kansas City Steak Company.

Steaks are the star of this product catalog, and rightly so. Kansas City Steak Company offers everything from classic and pre-seasoned steaks to the best in USDA Prime, American Kobe, organic grass-fed, and more. Purchase your cut of choice – the catalog has you covered, whether you’re looking for trimmed filet mignon and medallions to ribeyes, porterhouses, T-bones and top sirloins, and more. You can even plan ahead for future steak nights by ordering a variety of specially crafted meat combos, designed to give you an excellent and broad taste of the depth and quality of the Kansas City Steak Company catalog’s product lines.

While specialty steaks might be the main course, don’t rule out this catalog’s other offerings either. Kansas City Steak Company also carries chateaubriand for a winning roast beef dinner, prime rib and wellington, even brisket, steak strips, and burgers, and hot dogs for when you’re feeling more like a quick but satisfying bite. Go rustic and classy with the catalog’s great selection of veal, perfect for Osso Bucco and other dishes.

Not in the mood for beef? Despite the name, Kansas City Steak Company still has you covered. You’ll find various types of hams, pork chops, roasts, and pork for barbeques, plus unforgettable bacon selections. Turkey, chicken, and lamb have featured places in this product catalog too, with specialty seasoned turkey (whole or pre-cut), rack and leg of lamb, plus chicken that will have you whipping up everything from roasts to cordon bleu in no time.

For even more variety, you can also check out the online catalog’s seafood section. Surf & turf fans will love Kansas City Steak Company’s ready pairings, from filet mignon and crabcakes to Kansas City strip and lobster tails. Load up on lobster, whether that’s fresh tails or prepared products like lobster loaded potatoes, lobster flatbread, and more. Snap up some gourmet salmon, fresh or meticulously smoked, or serve up some crab claws or crabcakes instead.

Each Kansas City Steak Company order ships in packed coolers or Cryovac containers via UPS 2-day, 1-day, or same-day delivery to ensure freshness, and you’ll find handy seasoning packets and an exclusive Steak Book with each package. Interested in sinking your teeth into new products every month? The Kansas City Steak Company catalog also features monthly gift club subscriptions of varying durations and themes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your taste. With its varied line of premium products, convenient browsing and checkout process, and efficient delivery system, the Kansas City Steak Company spells a delectable meal every time. Dig into this catalog today.