Free Kevin's Catalog

Free Kevin's Catalog

Go on a picture-perfect outdoor adventure with the Kevin’s catalog of gear, apparel, and accessories. From base layers, essential clothing, outerwear, and footwear for men, women, and children, to handy equipment and gear designed for any kind of outdoor activity, the Kevin’s catalog will have you conquering the wilds in style.

Men can choose from a wide selection of specially designed shirts, pants, and shorts. The Kevin’s catalog features clothing crafted for each activity to ensure maximum comfort and convenience: you’ll find patched shirts or field shirts for the consummate shooter, performance sports shirts for fishing, sturdy polos and jerseys for those preppy outings, and even stylish patterned dress shirts and casual shirts when you want to bring that outdoor touch to your next gathering or day off. You’ll find the same variety in the shorts and pants selections, with briar-proof jeans perfect for trudging through the brush, classic water shorts, bug-stopper pants, and more.

Women will find a similar bounty of choices when it comes to their own outdoor wardrobe. Aside from the usual shirts, blouses, pants, and shorts, you’ll find rugged tunics and ponchos, rashguards and tweed capes, and even comfortable dresses in a range of styles. An extensive selection of footwear will have you ready for any terrain: switch from stylish moccasins to sturdy and equally fashionable boots or wellingtons, all of which you can get directly from the Kevin’s catalog.

Even kids can start building up a collection of gear that’s durable and adorable in equal measure. From custom shooting shirts, brush pants, or just casual clothing, the little ones in your life will be more than ready to trek through the woods with you on your next trip. Wrap them up in colorful rain jackets and beanies, or even get a furry Davy Crockett hat for a more memorable look.

The Kevin’s catalog isn’t just clothing, though. You’ll also find all kinds of accessories and equipment that will have you trip-ready in seconds. From hardy drink tumblers to wand light kits, foldable trays, luggage and hoppers, and more, the Kevin’s catalog has everything you need to rough it without sacrificing your family’s fun and comfort. All the field essentials are here: knives, flashlights, multitools and utensil kits, and more. You’re your furry companions will find a lot to love in the Kevin’s catalog, which packs everything from hunting dog tracking systems to collars, leashes, and other crucial accessories.

You can request a free catalog to get a look at all of the items in the Kevin’s catalog. Whether you’re heading out on safari, a good ol’ hunt, fly fishing, or just exploring the great outdoors, pick up a free copy now and embark on your next trip in grand Kevin’s style.