Free Sur La Table Catalog

Free Sur La Table Catalog

The Sur La Table catalog is a veritable feast of options when it comes to cooking and dining ware. You’ll find everything you need for a modern and well-equipped kitchen, be that a trusty ladle or a dedicated espresso machine for your office’s needs. Boasting a range of trusted brands like Breville, Kenwood, and KitchenAid, the Sur La Table catalog offers top-quality products across the line, with an extensive selection of food products and supplies to round out your choices.

You’ll find basics and essentials here, whether that’s a sturdy cutting board or a set of tongs. Most items come in a variety of materials and designs, so you can definitely seek out a piece that best fits your needs. Cutting boards, for example, are available in walnut, end-grain maple, bamboo, polypropylene, and more, and can be reversible, nonslip, grooved, and so on. Mortars and pestles, strainers and colanders, garlic presses, thermometers, timers, and similar tools are all on hand to help you bring a greater degree of precision and care to your cooking.

Knives are in a class of their own in the Sur La Table catalog, and rightly so. As one of the key tools for handling and prepping ingredients, knives are a crucial component of any chef’s toolkit. Sur La Table acknowledges that by carrying an impressive collection of knives of various styles, makes, and brands. Pick up an all-around chef’s knife from Miyabi, Zwilling, Bob Kramer, Wüsthof, and more, or prep your own meats with the help of cleavers, boning knives, or carving knives. Layout some fillets or perform delicate cuts with paring knives or versatile santoku knives. Store everything in specially designed knife blocks, maintain their sharpness with stropping blocks and sharpening kits, and get complete sets in one go for all of your kitchen needs.

There are whole sections dedicated to specialty tools for crafting the best dishes: pizza stones and cutting tools, pasta makers, handheld torches for that crème brûlée, or ceramic pie weights, you name it and the Sur La Table catalog has it. Even dedicated coffee or tea (or other beverages!) enthusiasts will find lots to love here, as the Sur La Table catalog also carries special tools like espresso machines and French presses, aerators, and stainless steel cocktail shakers, and more.

Handy tools aren’t the only jewels in the Sur La Table catalog, though. You can choose from a wide range of appliances, from blenders and mixers with their numerous attachments, to slow cookers, waffle irons and sandwich presses, soda makers, wine refrigerators, and more. You’ll even find tableware and glassware for the perfect setting for your stellar dishes. And if you want to take things outside, the Sur La Table catalog has everything from outdoor grills to spice rubs for that backyard cookout.

Whether you’re looking for your next great kitchen addition, a new attachment for your existing appliances, or premium-grade ingredients for your upcoming dinner party, the Sur La Table catalog has the products you need. You can request a free print catalog or order directly online at your convenience. Shop the Sur La Table catalog today, for all the ingredients of a perfect kitchen.